The only Peer to Peer property rental marketplace that combines Social Confidence Ratings and SmartContract Technology.

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Enabling Transparency and Trust

Whether you're searching for your next home or leasing yours for the first time; you can feel confident with TruState


List and display your rental from a single source

Zero listing or commission fees; Forever

Stay organized with our Portfolio Management Dashboard

Stand out with a positive Social Confidence Rating

Negotiate and Finalize Agreements directly with customers


Search rental listings by price, area and Social Confidence Rating

Schedule and view listings independently

Earn discounts and credibility by building your Social Confidence Rating

Make offers, negotiate, and place a deposit with confidence

Secured and verifiable using smart contract technology

Stop waiting.
Get moving.

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Meet Our Team

Currently midway through Day #2 of StartupBus - TruState was founded to facilitate an environment where Owners and Renters can independently interact in peer to peer contracts. We hope to bring efficiency, trust, and transparency to the rental market.

Nate Astrup

Chief Zen Officer

Jesse Jia

Chief Operating Officer

Meghann Strain-Howard

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Aliba

Chief Technical Officer

Jeremy Kim

Chief Innovation Officer

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